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A dear friend of the VMS community, who will be missed. Love Live VMS!
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Family of John Wisniewski
3308 Rockne Lane
Mesquite, Texas 75150

From: Michelle Popejoy

John Robert Wisniewski passed away on April 4th, 2004
Benevolent Fund
A benevolent fund has been setup to assist John's children. Please show your appreciation by helping the effort. Read more....
Memorial Bench
A granite bench in memory of John has been placed in front of ZK03. Pictures and details...
Memorial Service
John's memorial service was held Saturday, April 10th. Pictures are available here...
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. --Psalm 23 (NIV)
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Three years
Posted by Ian (Wednesday April 04 2007 @ 04:58AM EDT)
Today 4th April 2007 is three years and he is still missed.
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Tomorrow will be 2 years
Posted by Sue Skonetski (Monday April 03 2006 @ 10:12AM EDT)
Friends of the Wiz [...]
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Added Photo of John Wisniewski Spirit Award
Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Friday October 28 2005 @ 06:57PM EDT)
Colin Butcher emailed me an image of the John Wisniewski Spirit Award. I've added the image to the Award block in the upper right corner of the site. Thanks Colin, it's a handsome award. [...]
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What an amazing guy!
Posted by J. David Bavousett (Monday October 24 2005 @ 02:21PM EDT)
In 2001, I left my last OpenVMS system in the hands of someone who'd never used it before, and have been "out of it" ever since...so I wasn't up-to-date on the latest, and just now found out that the OpenVMS world had lost a great guy.

I met John in 1993, while I was on my *first* job in OpenVMS--our [...]

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John Wisniewski Spirit Award
Posted by Susan Skonetski (Saturday June 25 2005 @ 05:24PM EDT)
This years Wiz Award [...]
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A year...
Posted by Patrick "Opcom" Jankowiak (Thursday April 14 2005 @ 10:06PM EDT)
Seems like another world.. [...]
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We’ll always miss him
Posted by Kerrell Turner (Monday April 04 2005 @ 04:45PM EDT)
It’s been a year today. [...]
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One year on and still a shining example
Posted by Ian Miller (Monday April 04 2005 @ 04:38AM EDT)
A role model for the VMS Community [...]
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I miss VMS´s biggest helper
Posted by Hans-Peter Mayer (Saturday October 30 2004 @ 05:59PM EDT)
Good operating systems need good people to survive. I posted a (even rather stupid) question on a VMS hobbyist page about a year ago, and was very surprised to get a quick and very friendly answer from someone called John Wisniewski. VMS is the most user friendly system, an John was the most userfriendly [...]
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In Memoriam
Posted by Jesse Lipcon (Monday June 07 2004 @ 10:38AM EDT)
I was saddened to read of John's passing in SKHPC. He was a great friend to VMS, and will be sorely missed.
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Don't worry
Posted by McBride, Christina (Monday April 26 2004 @ 06:40PM EDT)
Although John is not true blood relation he and his girls will always be a part of the McDowell family. We love and will miss you John. The girls will always be a part of the much larger family than you even realized and will always be protected by us. God's speed.


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An Honor to Call Him Friend
Posted by Mike Kier (Monday April 19 2004 @ 04:57PM EDT)
I've known John since the day he entered the VMS Ambassadors program. That's an honor I'll carry forever, second only to calling him friend. [...]
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Friend Since School Days
Posted by Dennis Laycock (Monday April 19 2004 @ 04:55PM EDT)
John was a good friend from St. Rita's, who protected me from the bullies some 35 years ago. Wow! His father passed away last year, and now John. A great person with a great heart. [...]
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Friendly and Enthusiastic
Posted by Dan Buckley (Monday April 19 2004 @ 04:53PM EDT)
I first met John at an OpenVMS Partners meeting in the early 90's and he was so friendly and enthusiastic it almost scared me. I was wondering how I could ever measure up to John. He was always willing to help and his passion for OpenVMS knew no bounds. [...]
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ESS Weekly: In memory of John Wisniewski - OpenVMS Ambassador
Posted by Kenneth Farmer (Monday April 19 2004 @ 10:44AM EDT)
From: ESS Weekly - Top Stories
A publication for HP Field and Channel Partners
Dated: April 16, 2004 [...]
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Best of the best
Posted by Greg Pratt (Monday April 19 2004 @ 09:14AM EDT)
I am a past President of the DFWUUG and was stunned and saddened to hear of John's passing. His smile, humor and quick wit always kept me glued to his presentations. You could *always* count on John if he said he'd be there. In fact, in a pinch John could pull together a presentation on the fly and keep [...]
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John Wisniewski--Helpful to DFWUUG
Posted by John Keohane (Saturday April 17 2004 @ 06:23PM EDT)
I was elected President of DFWUUG, on the first Thursday of December, 1995. We met monthly at HP in Irving. Shortly before Christmas, I learned that HP no longer wanted to host us for 1996. The board and I found 5 possible hosts, one of which was Digital Equipment Corp. We, after discussion with [...]
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A helpful guy remembered
Posted by dave foddy (Friday April 16 2004 @ 09:44AM EDT)
A big man with a big heart, ask John for a presentation, for help, for a comment and it would be along very quickly, and always constructively. When I left the company last year, I received a good luck message from John, I felt pleased he'd taken the time. Having read through all these messages, I agree [...]
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It's all true
Posted by david baker (Wednesday April 14 2004 @ 06:42PM EDT)
I have been reading the comments people have made about John. They are all true. John had the biggest heart, cared about people, did the best job he could - always. I will miss John deeply. He was a good friend and mentor. He will not be forgotten.
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The best for John and his friends.
Posted by Rex D. Jones (Wednesday April 14 2004 @ 11:51AM EDT)
One of the best has left us...There must be a higher calling for John. John was and is a very special person in many people around the world. John will keep us in his memories as we will him.

John we wish you the best in your new quest.

We all wish the best for those family members left behind. John will be there to help and guide you through your memories of him. [...]

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A beloved friend
Posted by Javiefr V. Garcia (Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 10:16PM EDT)
I’m not much for words. There are so many words that come to mind but none can really express the void that’s left in my heart when a friend departs. I know that he will be missed. I will miss him. I’ll miss his advice, his corny jokes but most of all his friendship.

Javier Garcia [...]

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Thank you, John!
Posted by HIRONOBU TAMBA (Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 07:48PM EDT)
I first met John at Ambassadors meeting. I was able to speek English a little, but John was anxious for me, leaded me to the excellent world with kindness, with passion for OpenVMS.

I owe my career as a technical person to John. He gave me a lot of passions for OpenVMS, for the life.

Thank you, [...]

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Farewell, John
Posted by Alan S. Muir (Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 04:23PM EDT)
I'm glad we met, albeit briefly. [...]
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John Wisniewski - A True Customer Advocate
Posted by Kristi Browder (Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 03:04PM EDT)
I met John over 13 years ago as a new member of DECUS. I later went on to become a member of the Board of Directors for DECUS and now Encompass. As a DECUS Board member he could be a real thorn in your side, but I always saw him as a teddy bear wth a huge heart and incredible fortitude. I admire John [...]
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What a great Uncle
Posted by Alan Oliver (Tuesday April 13 2004 @ 11:36AM EDT)
I love you uncle John. [...]
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A true trooper ....
Posted by Lawrence Fisher (Monday April 12 2004 @ 05:52PM EDT)
I remember John's passions in life - the enthsiasm he had for his causes both professional and personal.

His loss in the OpenVMS community is deeply felt. Although I only worked directly with him a few times, I have always admired him for his deep commitment to his causes. [...]

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Posted by Marlene Alea Watkins (Monday April 12 2004 @ 01:10AM EDT)
This very computer that I am using right now was a gift from John. He asked me to frame some of Jennifers pictures and he was going to deduct my cost from the cost of a new computer. I did my part but John did not. He would not let me pay him for this computer. I am glad that I got to know him and [...]
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A good man
Posted by Mike Foley (Sunday April 11 2004 @ 09:03PM EDT)
I only met John once or twice, but conversed with him in Notes many times. I used to work in the VMS group from '89-93 or so. I was one of the system managers there and participated (probably too much) in Notesfiles where folks like myself and John helped others. He was so helpful to others and that [...]
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Business Associate, Friend, Co-conspirator
Posted by David Cathey (Saturday April 10 2004 @ 11:15AM EDT)
The rain was falling softly that morning. We packed our gear and installed the electronics into our rented Izuzu truck. The journey would be difficult, we wanted to be prepared. As we left Dallas toward the Gateway to the West, we focused on our mission - to save 4 PDP-8's from certain doom.

The [...]

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A loss for us all
Posted by Kris Clippeleyr (Saturday April 10 2004 @ 09:09AM EDT)
I met John only once, I think it was in LA in the year 2000. I attended a his presentation at CETS and spoke with him afterwards. A great man. He will be missed.

My sincere condolences,

Kris [...]

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The DECUS Symposium Eternal
Posted by VAXman (Saturday April 10 2004 @ 07:34AM EDT)
I met John many years ago at a DECUS symposium and at many more in the years to follow. He was a great asset to DECUS and to the VMS community as well. He was also a wonderfull and humorous guy. I will never forget his telling of the VMSONE Foot Cream story.

John was one of the last people I saw [...]

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Goodbye is just the start
Posted by keith beatty (Friday April 09 2004 @ 05:36PM EDT)
You didn't have to know John personally and, alas, I did not, to have been affected by the influence which he brought to bear upon the VMS community. Respected in life and revered in his passing, he was obviously much more than the sum of his parts - worker, colleague, father, author, advocate and champion. [...]
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We who are left behind will miss you John
Posted by Stephen J. Porter (Friday April 09 2004 @ 01:58AM EDT)
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Though I knew John briefly through the VMS user group over the last 4-5 years he is someone you just do not forget. Full of life and fun!

The scripture reference (23rd Psalm) was very thoughtful. God's word will go on with John into eternity.

God [...]

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re: John Wisniewski Memorial Service
Posted by Bob Gezelter (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 10:20PM EDT)
I ask the members of the OpenVMS community worldwide to observe a minute of silence at 2:30 PM EDT (1930Z) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 during John's memorial service. [...]
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Thank you, John.
Posted by Kirk H. Wakefield, Sr. (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 03:24PM EDT)
I knew John only a short while, but that was all it took to know the he was a great person. He regularly volunteered in his community to ensure the safety of others. He was on time, followed directions and never missed a beat.

It seems like he was at every HAM meeting I made and always willing [...]

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A man who stood up for others
Posted by Colin Butcher (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 02:54PM EDT)
I didn't know John very long having only met him at the VMS Symposium events, but he stood out in many ways. What I most remember was a fierce determination to help people and treat people as people. Seeing someone (especially someone senior) behave unpleasantly towards others was the kind of thing that he [...]
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To Jessica & Jennifer
Posted by John Maria (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 11:36AM EDT)
I first met your dad over 13 years ago while assigned to Digital’s Lubbock, TX office. Your dad and I had a lot in common professionally, enjoyed many of the same hobbies and we talked about our children. Through discussions with your dad, I feel like I know you, yet we have never actually met. He [...]
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A Cherished Friend
Posted by Dennis Bashore (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 10:56AM EDT)
I am proud to say that I hired John into Digital about 17 years ago. I remember reading his resume and thinking I have to meet this guy. Little did I know he was a terrific writer.

John immediately made an impact on the group. I remember him writing a report about a customer meeting that [...]

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Thank you, John
Posted by Marc Lippmann (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 10:25AM EDT)
John embodied all the things I strive for. Excellence in everything he did, kindness and empathy, generosity with his skils, knowledge, and his time, and an absolute certainty about doing the right thing and living by your principles. I wish I'd thought to say that to him. What a tragic loss. My thoughts [...]
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Goodbye John
Posted by Ron Kaledas (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 09:53AM EDT)
and thanks for all the buttons...

One of my memories of John is all the buttons he used to make, and he always helped when I wanted to make sure that I had plenty to pass out back at the office. I have (and have always had) several of them proudly displayed on my wall.

Thanks John, and I think [...]

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What a special guy..
Posted by Helen Harvey (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 08:34AM EDT)
I worked with John in the days of Digital Equipment and the acquisitions of us by Compaq and the HP. We worked most closely together during the 4 years I worked as an Alpha Sales Specialist. John was as helpful of a partner in sales as anyone could ever ask for. He never failed to end a conversation [...]
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Posted by Willem Grooters (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 04:28AM EDT)
I'll never meet him.... [...]
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Condolences from Sweden
Posted by Andreas Vollmer (Thursday April 08 2004 @ 03:51AM EDT)
I would like to express my condolences to the family. It is still unbelievable…


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A cornerstone of the original VMS partners group
Posted by David Young (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 11:26PM EDT)
What sadnesss I feel at the news of John leaving his family and friends. I knew John as one who could always be approached with comments and questions at the semi-annual VMS (not quite OVMS yet!) Partners meetings in various parts of the country and then primarily in Nashua, NH. Those of us who knew [...]
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Condolences from Canada
Posted by Kerry Main (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 06:01PM EDT)
Over the last few days, I have been reading some of John's comments, replies and notes from the Digital Notesfile - an internal online discussion forum where many different topics have been discussed over the years. Note 1.0 was entered in July 1989 and all notes have been preseved since then.

What [...]

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Thank you, John!
Posted by Doug Thornburg (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 05:54PM EDT)
John has always set a high standard for the rest of us to strive toward. He stil does... [...]
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Hard to believe He's gone
Posted by Alan Boyles (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 04:49PM EDT)
Can't remember being at DEC and not knowing John. [...]
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John had a heart of Gold!
Posted by Phil Grundy (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 03:30PM EDT)
I've known John for about 16 years. He was always very willing to help and had very good ideas. He will be greatly missed. I worked with John at the 1998 DECUS. He helped me get over my fear of doing a presentation. He alway put others first and was full of life and joy. [...]
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VMS's fallen champion
Posted by Verell Boaen (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 03:30PM EDT)
I knew John as an infatigueable champion of VMS ... [...]
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Posted by Hunter Goatley (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 11:42AM EDT)
You'd probably think John and I would have discussed VMS together, but the handful of times we talked at various DECUS events, we spent our time talking about Superman and the states of the Superman comics titles at those times.

My condolences to his family and friends.


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Hello, my name is John Wisniewski and I'm here to help you with OpenVMS opportunities!!
Posted by Craig Novak, Open VMS Ambassador (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 09:42AM EDT)
John never found anything either too big or small to love or poke fun at. A special friend and sorely missed [...]
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"See you on the other side"
Posted by Patrick Jankowiak (Wednesday April 07 2004 @ 03:04AM EDT)
In a person's life, they may have many or few friends. Not associates or acquaintances, but real friends. [...]
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Repeatable Solutions Manager
Posted by Dale Howard (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 11:52PM EDT)
I had the privilege of working with John for the past couple of years. Although I am the group manager, John & I worked side-by-side on Security Solutions for OpenVMS and beyond. His work legacy will be his passion for VMS security and his work in establishing an HP Secure Server with VMS at it's core. [...]
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Posted by Warren Sander (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 05:27PM EDT)
I don't know how long I've known John. I don't remember meeting him. He's just always been around. I remember doing lots of VAX 9000 non-disclosures in the late 1980's (top of the line in '89) in Dallas and John was there most of the time picking up the pieces. Those of us 'licenced to lie' (Technical [...]
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A Toast to John
Posted by Jim Becker (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:55PM EDT)
To John Wisniewski, a tireless champion of his customers and his product.
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I wish I could Have met you
Posted by Amanda Skonetski (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:44PM EDT)
John, I never really got to talk to you, once here and there at some of the more reccent ambassador meetings but I never had the honor and privilage to sit and talk to you. My mother however, loves you so much that I can't help but be deeply affected by the loss of such a great, intellegent and all around [...]
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John made the world a better place
Posted by Rick Barry (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:29PM EDT)
I first met John a couple of years ago while he was putting together his famous DefCon9 report. What energy and enthusiam!

I had the privilege of meeting him a couple times at Ambassador meetings since then.

In that short time, I learned that John was truly a special person, someone whom you could [...]

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Computer - Don't need no stinking computers
Posted by Bill Johnson (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:21PM EDT)
John is my friend - I will miss him alot both here at home and at DECUS events. He still called our gatherings DECUS events - in private. John never gave up - he always had the attitude of damn the torpodes - full steam ahead and don't give me any beaurocratic reasons for not making VMS number ONE!. John, you will be missed and I am sad to see you go - we will see you on the other side! 8) [...]
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Memories of John
Posted by Michelle Popejoy (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 04:07PM EDT)
I remember…

The first time I became aware of John. It was at a DECUS Symposium's First Timers meeting in the early 90's. He and David Cathey were the comedy/information team on "stage". I was a First Timer. His good humor, intelligence, and community spirit were immediately evident.

Making buttons [...]

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We will miss him
Posted by Dan Moore (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 03:22PM EDT)
John so vigorously expressed the enthusiasm for VMS and life that most of share. We met John at a conference and made a friend we could count on. I don’t think that HP or anyone one person will ever be able to fully realize the impact that John has made on the people around him. We will miss him.

Thanks [...]

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I Beat The Kobayashi Maru
Posted by Kevin FitzPatrick (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 02:19PM EDT)
I have only known John for about 5 years now. For the last one and a half, we worked on the same team and the last six months on the same project.

To put it simply, John had a way with words. John always knew what needed to be said and sometimes what didn't need to be uttered. But he always seemed [...]

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My Sholin Brother...
Posted by Al Pillarelli (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 02:04PM EDT)
As with many others, I have many happy memories of John Wisnieski. John was my favorite story teller. One that I know he would want me to share is the time that he and I received tatoos at a DECUS event in Anaheim. [...]
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The Joy Of VMS
Posted by Andy Bustamante (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 01:48PM EDT)
I met John as newbie to DECUS. He was always full of joy to be learning new things, teaching, and inciting volunteers. John never seemed to get tired and always had the time and patience to sit down and share a few words or dig up the right answer. Everything he did, John did at full speed. [...]
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Thanks for the help; I'll miss you.
Posted by Scott Wheeler (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 12:52PM EDT)
I've known John through the DFWLUG since 1991. We finally got to work together this past year. He helped me put VMS through its paces on some creative RAID solutions and got Advanced Server working for my users in spite of having to work with me - a PeeCee illiterate.

That's just the technotrivia [...]

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Memory of John
Posted by Dave Gudewicz (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 09:27AM EDT)
One vivid memory of John was at a DECUS symposia while building an LAVC. We were all busy doing stuff when a thunderous voice was heard: "everyone off the keyboards, its time to boot the cluster".

All hands immediately went up. John smiled.

I last saw John at the November VMS bootcamp.

He [...]

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So Brief A Friendship
Posted by Stanley F. Quayle (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 07:49AM EDT)
Although I've been involved with VMS for 20+ years, I only knew John just a short time. I recognized him, certainly, but only really got to talk with him at length at HPETS in St. Louis. A few of us spent a few hours after the sessions one day having dinner and plotting how to make the world [...]
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One of the best...
Posted by Brad McCusker (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 07:44AM EDT)
As an OpenVMS engineer, I had many occasions to work with John on customer, partner, or field issues. While I assume that I provided something of value to John, it was I who truly gained the most from each and every one of our encounters. I learned more about what is important to OpenVMS customers [...]
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Goodbye dear friend
Posted by Guy Peleg (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 06:31AM EDT)
Last ambassadors meeting John and I had one on one about rasing kids. After giving me his mantra about raising kids he had to admit that his kids are the best thing he had in his life.

This was a side of him I do not think a lot of people knew.....

John - Ambassadors meeting will not be the [...]

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John's kindness, vision, and energy will be remembered
Posted by Lennard Gumaer (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 01:19AM EDT)
I first met John during a phone call almost a year ago, when he called researching software for his SecureServer project. His enthusiasm for OpenVMS was clearly obvious and mirrored my own. I was excited to have found a new acquaintance that shared so many common interests and goals. [...]
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Ambassador defined
Posted by Leo Demers (Tuesday April 06 2004 @ 12:17AM EDT)
As a product manager “trained” at VMS Ambassadors meetings I will dearly miss the insightful comments, general cheerleading and especially the humor from seat next to the mike stand on the right. John was always one to start applause in recognition of a significant achievement being reported or whenever [...]
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There's a lot of love in this room...
Posted by Steve Davis (Monday April 05 2004 @ 11:09PM EDT)
From the early days with Ann Greko to the end of digital and beyond you have always been there for us. You have helped us to train many a product manager, you have helped us to educate many a customer, you have made us laugh at ourselves.

After one particularly grueling session, you came to the mike [...]

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John was John!
Posted by Owen Wong (Monday April 05 2004 @ 11:08PM EDT)
John was a tremendous friend, workmate and mentor. I first met him at a VMS Ambassadors meeting back in 1991 or so and was astounded by his ability to impart knowledge and passion of VMS to so many other people around him. Everybody knew John at DECUS events.

He was also a very loving father and talked [...]

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Not a bad bone in his body...
Posted by Clay Denton (Monday April 05 2004 @ 10:40PM EDT)
There are many stories I could tell about John - and they all would carry a common theme. John was always the first to want to help out, the last to leave at any function, and always wanted to do what was right - be it for friends, family or his company. I'll miss him greatly, and will treasure the [...]
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An Extraordinary Person.
Posted by Rodney P. Sandman (Monday April 05 2004 @ 09:39PM EDT)
I had the priviledge to meet John at the OpenVMS Bootcamp last November. I very much enjoyed his instruction and insight. So much so, that I bought his book. I then asked him to sign and he very willing wrote the following: (more great insight)


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Jen, that was a beautiful note about your Father
Posted by Susan Skonetski (Monday April 05 2004 @ 07:14PM EDT)
This is for Jen [...]
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A Former Colleague
Posted by Robert G. Schaffrath (Monday April 05 2004 @ 07:02PM EDT)
John and I were colleagues for a brief period in 1986 when we both worked for Hamilton Computer Rentals. I was with the China division based in New Jersey and he was in the Dallas office. I was a 24 year old applications Programmer/Software Engineer and was sent to Dallas to spend a week with him to [...]
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A colleague, but overall a friend!
Posted by Massimo Belloni (Monday April 05 2004 @ 06:07PM EDT)
John was seated next to me at the last Ambassador dinner. I still can't believe he's not with us anymore... no, wait a moment: he's sill with us, with his job, the things he has done: the world has been changed by his presence.

We will meet again later... [...]

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Daddy was my hero
Posted by Jennifer Wisniewski (Monday April 05 2004 @ 06:03PM EDT)
Daddy was the most smartest and loving man I'll ever know. He has taught me so many things, and has inspired me to follow his footprints in learning VMS, knowing how to get through Linux in a flash, and even taking apart and putting together computers. He was the glue that held everything in my life together, and now, I need to be stronger than ever for Daddy and make him proud. I am so glad for every second that I got to be with him in my lifetime. I am so thankful that I got to be the luckiest girl in the world and be his daughrer. I love my Daddy, and I really thank everyone for making this web page for him. [...]
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One of a kind
Posted by Patti Thompson (Monday April 05 2004 @ 04:48PM EDT)
John was a unique individual, with a wonderful sense of humor and a big heart. His passion for VMS was an inspiration to us all. We will certainly miss him. You will always be with us. [...]
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Bye for now, John.
Posted by Didier Morandi (Monday April 05 2004 @ 04:26PM EDT)
Good bye, John, and thanks for all the VMS.

See you in the Father's House.

DTL [...]

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What a kind, gentle, and crazy person ...
Posted by Kent Meagher (Monday April 05 2004 @ 04:16PM EDT)
It's probably just as well John didn't see the stupid get well card I sent .. [...]
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My Friend
Posted by Sue Skonetski (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:51PM EDT)
"Of all the souls I have met his was the most human" [...]
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Posted by Pedro A. Crespo (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:34PM EDT)
John touched many lives and certainly our professional community. We will miss you, John - we lost a great champion.

Our deepest sympathies to his family.

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Good-Bye John
Posted by Bernard Ourghanlian (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:34PM EDT)
I was informed by Daniel, one of my old DECUS friends, that John has passed away. I remember John as being the soul and spirit of the VMS partners when I was working for Digital and I was really proud belonging to the same community. I also remember as if it was yesterday, during one of our partners’ [...]
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Smart Guy With a Sharp Eye
Posted by Charlie Matco (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:27PM EDT)
In which John points out a "Fun With Sun" Compaq marketing faux pas. [...]
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Never met a guy like this one
Posted by Manfred Kaser (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:17PM EDT)
At the last OpenVMS Ambasadors meeting in november 2003 i had the honor to sit right next to John ! I wouldn't belive it, if somebody had told me that this would be the last time. John was always very helpful if somebody had problems of any kind. Thanks for all the ethusiasm he spread out. [...]
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John Enriched Us, IMO
Posted by David J Dachtera (Monday April 05 2004 @ 02:08PM EDT)
John Wisniewski enriched us all! [...]
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In Memorium: John Wisniewski
Posted by Bob Gezelter (Monday April 05 2004 @ 01:49PM EDT)
Friends and colleagues,

Last night, I checked my email one more time before I went to sleep. I was saddened to see a short message from Sue Skonetski telling us that John Wisniewski had unexpectedly succumbed to his illness and left us. [...]

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Funeral for a Friend
Posted by Terry Shannon (Monday April 05 2004 @ 12:33PM EDT)
It is with great sadness that I must report that one of HP’s most dedicated OpenVMS team members passed away on Sunday 4 April after a short illness.

The person in question, John Robert Wisniewski, was a VMS Ambassador hailing from Dallas, Texas. A long-time personal friend, John was an even better friend of VMS. He was always willing to go the extra mile by answering questions, assisting other members of the VMS Group, and spreading the word about VMS to all who would listen. [...]

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John Wisniewski
Spirit Award
A yearly award for the person who shows the most spirit, passion, integrity and excitement about OpenVMS.

2009: Sue Skonetski
2008: Volker Halle
2007: Ian Miller
2006: Dave Cathey
2005: Colin Butcher
2004: Brian Schenkenberger

- Perl 5.20.1 binary kits for OpenVMS available
- bash 4.3.30 the Shellshock fixed release.
- VMS Bootcamp
- DECUServe (Eisner) will be down for a few weeks
- GT.M V6.2-000
- OpenVMS: One Company’s Path from Legacy to Modern, a Connect Worldwide Webinar
- OpenVMS Announcement - recording available
- Call off the firing squad: HP grants stay of execution to OpenVMS
- mini DHCP Server for OpenVMS (running under TCPWare-TCP at the time only)
- HP and VMS Software, Inc. Collaborate to Extend OpenVMS Solutions


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