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A dear friend of the VMS community, who will be missed. Love Live VMS!
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Family of John Wisniewski
3308 Rockne Lane
Mesquite, Texas 75150

From: Michelle Popejoy


This site is a lasting memorial to a friend of many.

Thanks to those who have contributed:

Sue Skonetski, HP (images)
Warren Sander, HP (images)
Terry Shannon, Shannon Knows HPC (images)
Chipp Webb, EDS (documentation)
Martin Zinser (images)

For those of you wondering, this site will remain up as long as OpenVMS.org does or I go bankrupt, whichever comes first. I'll then make sure it gets migrated somewhere else.

- Ken Farmer

Last update: April 2004

John Wisniewski
Spirit Award
A yearly award for the person who shows the most spirit, passion, integrity and excitement about OpenVMS.

2009: Sue Skonetski
2008: Volker Halle
2007: Ian Miller
2006: Dave Cathey
2005: Colin Butcher
2004: Brian Schenkenberger

- French fight the death of OpenVMS
- News on RDB
- Letter to Meg Whitman from Interex France
- Oracle Database on OpenVMS Technical Forums 2014
- VMS pre-Bootcamp seminar title has been announced
- Updated DIX utility available
- nCipher, Nemonix Engineering join to offer encryption, key management solution
- HP OpenVMS running OpenSSL Security Bulletin
- Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp - Pre-Event Seminar
- Updated HP SSL for OpenVMS released


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